Yellow Cab

Yellow cab crossing the Brooklyn Bridge (New York). The photography was modified in photoshop.

Vancouver Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon Fountain in Vancouver. Inspired from the picture "Ground Zero" from Sabine Wild, I tried myself to reproduce the effect using the panning function in photoshop...

Manhattan Roofs

Manhattan Upper West Side Roofs... The photography was modified in photoshop.

Manhattan Sky

An experimental photography of skyscrapers in Manhattan. On the right side is the new One World Trade Center, the skyscraper on the left side is the 7 WTC and on top the New York Telephone Building. The picture was manipulated in photoshop using motion blur and changed the brightness and contrast.

The Moon - Back To Normalcy

I took this picture of the blood moon shortly before the moon moved out of the shadow of the earth @ 5:28 am (CET).

Ice Flower During Sunrise

This is the result of sunrise and frozen window...


Focus on the picture...

Lost in Colors

In a few months this abandoned power plant will be replaced with a newer building, so I will enjoy the remaining time taking pictures...

Scheunenfund Bugatti

A little car, with a lot of dust. After a few years back onto the street...

Warp Drive

Plane Spotting